Women Now

The argument that Matthew Weiner makes about sexuality has greatly advanced in terms of today. Women no longer have to use their sexuality to advance in the workplace, although some still do. The Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963 and has caused the gap of wage difference to close throughout the time. Although the gap has decreased and increased again multiple times, in 2011, the gap was at about $11,000 difference. (9) However, women are still seen as sexual icons and the argument of Weiner still exists. Women are still fighting for their rights although we have come a long way. ProQuestDocuments-2013-03-12 (10) This article shows that women in the workforce are still being discussed as well as their rights and pay since it’s still not the same and men’s.

As far as women being seen as sexual icons, they are still seen as such. The majority of advertising happens with women, but the women always appear to be perfect in advertising. Men enjoy women who look like they belong in advertising because of their beauty, and many men only appreciate women for their beauty. An example of how women are seen as sexual icons can be seen below in the picture of Mila Kunis.

mila kunis (11)

Not only is this a picture of Mila Kunis, but it is the magazine cover of a mainly men’s magazine, which shows that women are still seen as sexual icons and mistreated as a result.

Although women are still fighting for their rights and still seen as sexual icons, society has made progress with women no longer having to advance toward higher paychecks through sexuality. Mattew Weiner’s look at the 60s and his argument for the 60s have greatly progressed into what society is today-a more equal and balanced society than it was back then.


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